Author: ishtar39

Ground Rules

I’ve been wanting a place to vent my daily frustration about what is happening in our country right now. I want a place where I can ramble and try to trace how I came to think the way I do.

Some ground rules: Respect, always.

For example, as funny as many of the nicknames are for the current President, I won’t use them. I think some of the current divisiveness we are seeing started when George W. Bush won the office in 2000. Many on the left and in the middle started with, “Not my President!” back then. It wasn’t productive then, and it isn’t productive now. We are where we are. I will refer to the current office holder by his title or his name, though I still have trouble putting the two together.

Baron Trump is off limits. Period.

Melania is a bit more complicated. No slut-shaming or talking about some sexual things she may have done as a model. No speculation on their marriage, it’s really none of our business. No, really, it’s not. I know, the hypocrisy of how the right treats her when they treated Michelle Obama so badly is annoying. But it wasn’t right when people brought up the Clinton marriage or called Mrs. Obama names, so this one is off limits, too. But when the White House bio page tries to hawk products for her, that’s fair game. If she does start to actually do some First Lady things like take up a cause, how she handles that is fair game.  Plagiarism in speeches, oh, hell, yeah.

The adult Trump kids are fair game, seeing how they are so intimately involved with the administration, except Tiffany, who keeps a low profile anyway.

That’s enough for now.